Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Very Successful Walk! You May Still Participate.

Yesterday on the Common were the nicest people, the best weather, and all good things. We were so fortunate to have Ryleigh's mother, Courtney Silvani and Fr. Eric Cadin, one of the plaintiffs in the Buffer Zone case, speak to us.  You can read about it in the Boston Globe. The three reporters were very respectful and the picture is beautiful. /story.html?utm_source=14%2F06%2F30+%28ACLU+%2B+Choose+to+Be+Nice+%2B+FL+Pol+Almanac%29&utm_campaign=20140630ML&utm_medium=email

You will notice that the Globe missed the point of the Walk (being fixated on the Buffer Zone decision as almost-the-end-of-the-world).  I sent the following Letter to the Editor because it is important that we have had this Walk for many years to aid mothers and their precious children:

Letter to the Editor,

I write to thank the Globe and to point out a serious omission in your article, "Anti-abortion activists march on Common" (June 30, 2014).

This was the 27th Annual Walk to Aid Mothers and Children. 

Massachusetts Citizens for Life sponsors the Walk whose purpose is to allow groups like pregnancy resource centers to raise money for their work.  Besides the people who are there walking, many, many others across the state support the Walk financially.  Mass. Citizens is proud to be able to provide this opportunity for the beneficiaries.

Of course, the win at the Supreme Court in McCullen vs. Coakley, the "Buffer Zone," is exciting, but the purpose of the Walk remains to provide the opportunity for these helping groups to raise much needed finds for their vital work.

Anne Fox, President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

If you have not donated for a beneficiary group, please go immediately to

Many thanks to all who worked, who walked, who donated and who will donate! 


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