Friday, July 25, 2014

Press Release: Senate President Misspeaks on Abortion Facilities



Senate President Misspeaks on Abortion Facilities

Charlestown, MA - July 25, 2014

Contact: Anne Fox, 781-449-1774

Senate President Therese Murray falsely claimed in a WATD-FM interview yesterday that "…abortion services…they're few and far between"  at the facilities covered by the new Buffer Zone replacement law, according to the State House News Service.  Murray was discussing the New Buffer Zone Bill when she made the statement that these facilities "...are not abortion areas."

The facts contradict her claims.  In 2012, Planned Parenthood facilities alone performed 11,870 abortions in Massachusetts.  Their clinic in Boston, which has been the focus of most of the testimony and discussion concerning the bill, performed 6,899 of those.  The Boston clinic does abortions three days a week.  That is more than 44 abortions each of those days - one abortion every ten minutes.  Forty-four abortions a day in one facility is hardly "few and far between."

Planned Parenthood in Worcester, Springfield, and Women's Health Services in Brookline each perform about 16 abortions per day every abortion day.  Approximately 5,228 other abortions performed in Massachusetts in 2012 were done in hospitals or other free-standing clinics impacted by the Buffer Zone, such as Four Women in Attleboro, which performed 2,018.

According to Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, "President Murray has every right to advocate for a bill.  As an elected official, particularly as the leader of the Senate, she has an obligation to stick to the facts.  Massachusetts Citizens for Life calls on Senator Murray to issue a correction admitting that the new bill is designed to protect abortion clinics and only abortion clinics."

Massachusetts Citizens for Life is the oldest and largest pro-life organization in the state.  An affiliate of National Right to Life, MCFL has been working to restore protection to life at all stages for more than forty-one years.


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