Monday, July 28, 2014



The New Buffer Zone, with its potential to be worse than the one that went down 9 - 0, will be signed into law this week.  The Senate passed it unanimously.  The House had a role call.  The stalwarts, who stood up for a woman's right to receive hope, help, and love, deserve our thanks.

1.  Please check the list to see if your representative is a Hero.  If so:
2.  Call to say "thank you!"
3.  Remind a few neighbors to call.

NB: Only representatives are on the list.
~For roll calls, all the Democrats are listed in alphabetical order then all the Republicans, so I have listed them that way.
~All the phone numbers are 617-722 followed by the individual number.  Given my poor typing skills, I have listed only the last four numbers next to the Representative's name.
~You may notice that some of the Reps have the same phone number.  They share offices and numbers.  Just ask for your person.
~The asterisk (*) means the person spoke and/or offered amendments on our behalf.  It is good to mention that in your message.

The most important thing we can do is to thank legislators who vote with us!

Thank you!


Brian Ashe, 2090
Bruce Ayers, 2230
Stephen DiNatale, 2676
Paul Donato, 2040
Colleen Garry, 2380
Wayne Matewsky, 2090
Jim Miceli, 2460
Thomas Petrolati, 2255
Angelo Puppolo, 2430
John Rogers, 2092
Dennis Rosa, 2396
Walter Timilty, 2230
Matthew Beaton, 2488
Nicholas Boldyga, 2810
Leah Cole, 2430
* Vinnie deMacedo 2100
* Geoff Diehl, 2810
* Shawn Dooley, 2810
Peter Durant, 2060
Ryan Fattman, 2460
Kimberly Ferguson, 2263
*Paul Frost, 2489
* Sheila Harrington, 2305
Brad Hill, 2100
Randy Hunt, 2396
Brad Jones, 2100
Kevin Kuros, 2460
* Marc Lombardo, 2460
* Jim Lyons, 2014
Shaunna O'Connell, 2305
* Keiko Orrall, 2090
George Peterson, 2100
Betty Poirier, 2100
Todd Smola, 2240
David Vieira, 2230

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