Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alveda King on 50 Years of Civil Rights and Great News From Burlington Vermont

Today is the 50th anniversary of Civil Rights. Dr Alveda King has spoken a number of times in Massachusetts and last week at the National Right to Life Convention.  This is what she has to say, " When we said we would no longer sit at the back of the bus, a place was being reserved for us down at the abortion clinic."

The numbers in Massachusetts bear out her statement.  According to the 2010 Census, Blacks make up 7.02 % of the population in the Commonwealth yet 30% of abortions are perpetrated on black non-hispanic women.  That is somewhat higher than the national average.

We know that Margaret Sanger intentionally set up her clinics in minority areas to wipe out those she considered undesirable.  Her evil influence still pervades the industry.

Vermont Right to Life just informed us that the Burlington City Council has lifted the ordinance requiring a 35-foot Buffer Zone around Planned Parenthood.  More good fruits of McCullen vs. Coakley!

We are working on a very exciting project.  Expect some amazing pictures tomorrow.


It's not too late to help....

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