Monday, July 14, 2014



Don't you feel like saying, "What about 9-0 don't you understand?"

As you know, the AG, the Governor, and Planned Parenthood (or the other way round) plan to pass new laws.  The fact that the Supreme Court said there are already laws on the books, that Massachusetts was forced to admit at SCOTUS testimony that they have not had to enforce these laws; that new laws will probably end up at the Court again wasting much time and taxpayer money, doesn't seem to matter because these people are demagoging.

Each of us must call our State Senator and our State Representative ASAP!  The message is:
The Supreme Court ruled against the Buffer Zone 9-0
There are already laws on the books to keep driveway, sidewalks, and entrances clear.

If a person defies the laws, an injunction can already be brought against him or her.
There is no need for any new laws. 

Please do not spend your time and our taxes on unnecessary laws that will most likely just end up before the Supreme Court again

To make the calls:
After you are on:

If you know the names of your State Senator and State Rep, click onto State Senate and State Representatives for their phone numbers

It you do not know the names of your legislators click onto Look Up Your Legislator and Contact Information.

We have bowled them over with calls before.  We can do it again! 


NB: When you call, be sure to give your name and the fact that you are a constituent!
Calls or personal visits are the way to go - emails can be ignored

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