Friday, July 11, 2014

MCFL Billboards Just Went Up Near the State House!

Corner of Cambridge and Bowdoin Sts.

We are so excited!

I won't be sending out the press release until Monday but I couldn't wait to tell you!

Through a series of wonderful people, especially a generous donor, we have these billboards for the rest of July.  They are 900 square feet each. They have been up for minutes and we have already had a call complaining!

The legislature plans to vote on new buffer zone-type legislation before they adjourn on July 31st.  All of them and everyone else going up the other side of Beacon Hill, as well as those driving by (60,000 a day), will see them.

The billboards are at the bottom of Beacon Hill at the corner of Cambridge and Bowdoin Sts.  The building on the top left in the first picture is the John W. McCormack Bldg. at One Ashburton Place and it is adjacent to the eastern side of the Massachusetts State House.

So, our letter went last Monday to every legislator and was picked up by the media in Boston and nationwide.

The billboards are up now.

Next Monday, we will begin the phone campaign.  I'll be calling and emailing you about that.

SCOTUS said there are laws in place, which Massachusetts admits to not having used, to take care of potential harassment, blocking entrances and sidewalks.  We do not want the state to pass new laws which are not needed and which will be challenged and overturned again.  They would be such a waste of our tax dollars and the legislators' time!

It is going to be a lovely weekend for a drive down Cambridge Street!  Let me know what you think.


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