Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WONDERFUL NEWS FROM CA! See how The Globe covered.

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This is the latest from California.  Our people out there have been working tirelessly for a dozen years!  This will help us tremendously.  If doctor-prescribed suicide had passed in CA, it would have had a huge impact on our legislature, where we expect hearings in the fall.

"Good news California's Physician Assisted Suicide bill (SB 128) was withdrawn by its two primary sponsors this morning. Had it gone to the Assembly Health Committee it would have been defeated. The primary reason for the defeat was the Hispanic-American Caucus opposed the bill. For second time the bill was on the agenda of the Health Committee we experienced a large (300-400) turnout of Hispanic-Americans many of whom took off an uncompensated day of work to travel to Sacramento from as far away as Orange & Los Angeles Counties. The Assembly staff members I met with prior to the hearing told me that they had received a very large number of calls often in Spanish from their constituents opposing the bill. All of this was very helpful in supporting the Assembly members in their brave stand in defying their party leadership to oppose SB 128".

You will enjoy The Globe coverage.  They cannot face the fact that d-ps is dead in this session - note "stalled", "roadblock"  Of course, that is how they see it - this is just a temporary set-back in their death juggernaut.

Speaking of The Globe.  There is a peculiar letter in response to their coverage the March for Life.  it gives us another chance to say great things about the march and the movement.  Please write a letter to The Globe right now!

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