Friday, July 31, 2015

"Fetus may come out intact..." and some good news!

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This video, #4, contains some of the same grisly footage from #3, but CMP keeps moving things along.  Planned Parenthood officials are now talking about babies who are born alive and, at one point, the technician announces, "Another a boy!"
Some good news!  We finished the Summer Academy last night.  Our speakers, Linda Thayer, Cori Connor Morse, Joan Bailey, Henry Luthin, Katie Elrod, and Matt Hanafin were truly top-notch.  I learned something from each one.  The students shared what they had found very valuable.  Each one had something different from a speaker or as a general theme.  Haley and Tim both spoke about their gratitude to be able to work with other like-minded students.  We sometimes forget what it is like out there!

One night the students testified about legislation before a "legislative committee".  One of the committee members asked Peter about doing something with an elderly person.  Peter shot right back, "You can't do that,  He's a person"  God is good!  Anne
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