Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Academy Surprise!

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The Summer Academy is going so well!  Last Friday we had 6 students registered.  By opening night on Monday, 13 students attended.  Last night there were 19 students!  They are so enthusiastic about life - it is wonderful!
Linda, Thayer, Cori Connor-Morse, and Joan Baily from Friends of the Unborn have presented (in that order).  I hope the youngsters realize how very, very lucky they are.  I wish we could have everyone hear these amazing ladies.  It was hot on Monday night, so Fr Michael, Pastor of St Joseph, Needham, moved us to a cool location.
We still have coming up Henry Luthin, Katie Elrod, and Matt Hanafin, as well as presentations by the students.
The Summer Academy is always such fun!


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