Friday, July 17, 2015

Another insight into pro-ab thinking

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"Crushing" babies in the right places to preserve pre-ordered organs!  None of us were really surprised by the revelations that Planned Parenthood traffics in baby body parts.

One way to stop most of this side business is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Massachusetts bill H 1550.

Ironically, we were testifying on the bill at the exact time news of the video broke.
We noticed the contrast with a few weeks ago when we testified on the Women's Safety Act.  Then the room was filled - filled - with women wearing purple shirts to oppose any regulations on abortion facilities, admitting that they would close down rather than make their places safe.

At the hearing for the Pain-Capable bill no one appeared to oppose the bill.  As Sandra reminded us, the pro-abs learned their lesson when debate on Partial Birth Abortion changed public perception and they are now lying low, knowing what damage Pain-Capable will do to their cause.

It is not too late to send your testimony on H 1550.  Please consider making it a Letter to the Editor, also.
It is very important to remember that we have been given the opportunity to show the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion.  A 20-week ban would cut out much of this trafficking because it is the parts of later-term babies which are more desirable.  At this point in the debate, it benefits the babies more, and moves public opinion better, to focus on the babies rather than on Planned Parenthood.
We can frame the question.  For life, Anne

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, H-1550:  Sponsors and Wording,
Fact Sheet,

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