Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Olivia is in remission!!!

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You will remember that we prayed for baby Olivia at the Massachusetts March For Life on June 28th.  Olivia, 26 months old, was undergoing intense treatment after being diagnosed with leukemia just one day after her second birthday.  Olivia is our Matt's cousin (as is Walk Baby, Maura).  Matt shared this marvelous news and  I wanted you to know.  Praise the Lord!  Anne
Hello everyone,
I have a great update on my brave, little, cousin Olivia. She is in remission! My cousin, Olivia's mom, informed all of us late last night that "Brave Livy" (the nickname the nurses and doctors gave to her at Boston Children's Hospital) has responded successfully to treatment after 36 days. She had A.L.L. Leukemia, the "preferable" type over others as I am told, and she can now begin the two year treatment process to keep the Leukemia out of her body. She still has a tough road ahead of her as she is still dealing with the side effects of chemo. She is very weak and in a lot of pain, but she is smiling as always. 
I want to thank you all who have kept her in your thoughts and prayers. They have been answered! Praise God! I ask that, if you can, please keep her and her family in your prayers as they begin this two year treatment process. 
Below is a picture of Olivia with one of the many stuffed animals Boston Children's Hospital gives to their patients. They use these stuffed animals to teach the children how they are going to preform procedures and administer medicines so the children are not afraid. This truly is an amazing hospital! 
Here is a link Boston Children's Hospital recently posted to their Facebook page highlighting their music therapy. Little Olivia is the first child shown. This was taped just as her Chemotherapy was beginning - before her hair fell out. We are so grateful to the staff at this amazing hospital who work tirelessly to bring a smile to all of their patients' faces. https://www.facebook.com/BostonChildrensHospital/videos/10155779221600333/?pnref=story
Finally, here is the note sent to us from my cousin, Christine (Olivia's mother). 
I can not even explain how amazing it was to hear that sentence! My angel's body responded to the chemo and as of today there is no more cancer in her body!!!! She still has a long road ahead, but this was a HUGE day for her! This is where she should be today. Treatments that go "as planned" are in remission on this day... Then we continue with the 2 year treatment plan to keep the cancer out of her body for good!! 
She is still going to have pain from the chemo, and from her body making new marrow. She is still going to be exhausted, and sick from the chemo... BUT SHE WON!!! 
The next big thing is the results of the Minimal Residual Disease (known as MRDtest which will take about 2 weeks. MRD  is a post-treatment condition associated with cancer, specifically leukemia. The condition refers to small numbers of cancerous cells remaining in the body's tissues, and not being eradicated by treatment. It can occur in patients part way through treatment and also in patients thought to be in remission (meaning that they show no signs of cancer post-treatment). MRD is the most significant cause of relapse in cancer patients following chemotherapy treatment).  We are PRAYING this test comes back negative.
It is late, and I am EXHAUSTED but we have received so much support that I just had to share this with everyone before I go to bed. 
Thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers for Olivia. Our family could not be more grateful. 

Matt Hanafin
Massachusetts Citizens For Life, Inc.
Director of Outreach

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