Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your One-Two Punch to Defeat Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Bill

Dana tells us that Tuesday, 12/17, the day of the hearings on doctor-prescribed suicide, is the feast of St Lazarus.  How appropriate!

There are two distinct avenues to keeping this bill from coming out of committee:

1) Anyone can testify or submit testimony.  If you have not already asked Eva to register you on Monday or submitted written testimony, please do that right now, emurphy@masscitizensforlife.org or press "reply"

2) Constituents (only) must call legislators (list below) on Monday to say that H-1998 is dangerous and poor public policy**.  Tell your legislator not to report out H -1998.  When you call, be sure the person taking the message knows you are a constituent and gets your address.  If the aide tries to assure you that your member is opposed to H - 1998, explain that you concern is that it not be voted out of committee.

House members: Chair, Jeffrey Sanchez (617-722-2130),  Vice-Chair, Jason Lewis (617-722-2017),  Ruth Balser (617-722-2396),  Christine Canavan (617-722-2575),  Carolyn Dykema (617-722-2210),  Christopher Fallon (617-722-2430),  Denise Garlick (617-722-2070),  James Lyons (617-722-2014),  Keiki Orrall (617-722-2090),  Carl Sciortino (617-722-2013),  Cleon Turner (617-722-2090)

Senate members:  Chair, John Keenan (617-722-1494),  Vice-Chair, Marc Pacheco (617-722-1551),  Donald Humason (617-722-1415),  Joan Lovely (617-722-1410),  James Timilty (617-722-1222)

** background information



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