Monday, December 23, 2013

Something We Are NOT Doing and Why

Eleanor McCullen is the main person challenging the Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law.  As you know, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the case on January 15th and the decision will come down late May or June.  Eleanor is a former MCFL Chapter Chair and winner of one of our Banquet Awards.  She does marvelous work counseling women, mainly outside Planned Parenthood in Boston.

I wanted to let you know.  Last week, we received a call at the MCFL office from CBS in DC.  One of their reporters is coming to Boston before the 15th to gather background material.  They wanted me to arrange interviews with Eleanor and me and to have him attend a "demonstration."

When I checked with Eleanor, she told me her lawyers have suggested that she not talk to the press before the 15th.  Since MCFL cannot afford to buy much media, I always try to cooperate with any free media - indeed, during the presidential race in 2012, MCFL had more than 100,000,000 hits on Google.

This is Eleanor's case, however.  I feel that, if she is not talking to the press until after the 15th, neither should we.  I wanted to let you know why you won't be seeing MCFL quoted. 

This upcoming year is going to be very significant for all of us who work to protect life!  Thanks for all you do. 


NB: We need to raise $4,250 by the end of the year.  Any help you can give will be doubled.  Please help us be twice as effective.  Thanks, A

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