Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hearings on H - 1998, Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

The hearings of the Health Care Committee on H-1998, Doctor-Prescribed Suicide are definitely on for Tuesday, Dec 17th from 10am to 1pm in Room A-1 at the State House.  If there are a lot of people, they may extend the time.

There are 18 committee members.  Three of them are definitely with us and another is a possibility.  The rest take pro-abortion positions but are unknown on DPS.  This is a finger-in-the-dike operation.  The dike will not break this week, but...

This session the bill did not get out of committee in Maine and Connecticut.  In NJ it is out of committee but will not be voted on.

Vermont passed DPS in May.  It is a complete mess up there with the hospitals all opted out.  Almost every doctor practices at a hospital and is paid by the hospital, no pharmacists will participate.  So far, no one has used DPS and our people are hoping to repeal.  The situation is so bad that the lobbyist working on our side in Vermont has asked to address the MA committee on the 17th.

You need to know that H - 1998 is much worse than Question 2.  There is now no waiting period.  If a doctor or facility will not write a prescription, they must find another doctor or facility to write the prescription.  These people lost the ballot question but will never go away.

What can you do?

1)  Read

2)  Plan to testify on the 17th or to submit written testimony.
Stress that this is dangerous and poor public policy.  Pick one or two of the things that strike you as really dangerous and write your testimony around them

If you cannot get to the State House by 10am, we can sign you in.  Just reply to this email telling us to sign you in.

Advent is a wonderful season.  I hate to break in on it, but what better way to prepare for the Christ Child than to work to protect His vulnerable brothers and sisters.

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