Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You Can Help Save Twice as Many Lives!

Generous benefactors for life have offered to double year-end contributions to the MCFL Charitable Trust up to the amount of $8,000!  If we can raise $8,000 between now and the end of the year, we can double it to accomplish twice as much life-saving work.  Times are tough.  We approach the end of 2013 with a shortfall.  We have so many important jobs - continuing and new - that we must have the resources.

We get so many rave reviews about our emails.  I have to tell you honestly: I was amazed to find that only 5% of you email readers have actually donated to Mass Citizens for Life.   If another 5% of you would support us, we could double your donations!

Today, Eva, Pat and I and many of you are at the State House to fight against the latest attempt to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide.  We are there knowing we have your support behind all our efforts.  In order to continue this fight and so many others, we need you to send your gift today to be matched,

Please reply now.  

Gratefully, Anne

PS.  We know our web presence is increasingly important.  We now have this video to help introduce people to Mass Citizens,

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