Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FLASH: Pro-Death Forces Swamping the Statehouse

Anne just called from the Statehouse.  The pro-suicide lobby is busing people to the Public Health Committee hearing on H.1998, the so-called '"aid in dying" bill.  This piece of legislation would legalize Doctor-Prescribed Suicide if it passes and the death lobby is trying to stack the deck to get the bill out of committee.  We need to stop them.

Listed below are the names and phone numbers of the Public Health Committee members.  If you are a constituent please call their office, RIGHT AWAY, and let them know that you do not want H.1998 to get out of committee.

House members: Chair, Jeffrey Sanchez (617-722-2130),  Vice-Chair, Jason Lewis (617-722-2017),  Ruth Balser (617-722-2396),  Christine Canavan (617-722-2575),  Carolyn Dykema (617-722-2210),  Christopher Fallon (617-722-2430),  Denise Garlick (617-722-2070),  James Lyons (617-722-2014),  Keiki Orrall (617-722-2090),  Carl Sciortino (617-722-2013),  Cleon Turner (617-722-2090)

Senate members:  Chair, John Keenan (617-722-1494),  Vice-Chair, Marc Pacheco (617-722-1551),  Donald Humason (617-722-1415),  Joan Lovely (617-722-1410),  James Timilty (617-722-1222)

It is so important that we stop this awful bill now while we have a chance.  We all worked extremely hard to prevent Question 2 from passing last year and we need to protect that victory by keeping Doctor-Prescribed Suicide from making it to a vote in the legislature.  Please, if you are a constituent, call the committee and let them no not to let Doctor-Prescribed Suicide (H.1998) out of committee.  Let the person you talk to know that you are a constituent and give them your information.

Please, call now.

Yours truly,
John Triolo
Director of Communications

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