Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Update on DPS hearings

MCFL 2013 Year-End
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When we arrived at the State House, the other side was ushering in their busloads.  The Acting Governor closed the State House early afternoon for snow.  When they read off the people left to testify, we actually had more.

The disability community did an amazing job.  Many of them had problems with icy sidewalks but many, many impressive people spoke. 
The difference was really noticeable between the group saying "MY life, MY death, MY choice" and people who are overcoming huge challenges and are "big people"

As you know the other side lies worse - much - than the pro-abs.  The government not telling them what to do, all the wonderful safeguards, people are dying anyway so it is not suicide but just choice in how to die, Oregontopia.  The new bill is much worse, but they used the same old arguments.

At least one national Compassion and Choices person testified.  They had many people from out of state.

I just heard from a member of the committee who says they have not decided when to vote.

Thanks to each of you who testified in person or writing, who called, and who prayed.  All I can say at the moment is to keep your dialing finger limbered.


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