Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who Says Babies Are Not Born Alive From Abortions? See Video

The media, acting as mouthpieces for the pro-death forces, would like to make us think that the Gosnell facility has nothing to do with abortions because aborted babies are not born alive.

Well, President Obama certainly thought babies were being born alive when, in the Illinois legislature, he spoke and voted against protecting them.

Lila Rose's Live Action has again come through to educate the public at just the right moment: Live Action's new undercover videos

Since the purpose of abortion is to produce a dead baby - no matter where the death occurs - the abortionists make sure that happens.  The "toxic substance" mentioned in the video is a new wrinkle - different from "snipping" their spinal cords to kill the little ones.

We know there are problems in Massachusetts.  We'll be working on that in the coming months.

I want to remind you that we are very fortunate that Lilsa Rose is going to speak at our Banquet on October 10th.  Lila spoke to our Youth Conference while she was still a student.  She was so impressive and yet so unassuming.  She has accomplished so much since then.  It is a real honor for us to have her.

Please forward this email to everyone you know.  We must keep this pot boiling!  People must pay attention to the reality of abortion!

For life,


PS The general public overwhelming has a positive opinion about Planned Parenthood but that will be changing.  PP is getting pounded.  Watch for future emails.

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