Friday, April 26, 2013

Are You Voting in the Democratic U S Senator Primary Next Tuesday, April 30th?

Message from John Rowe, Chair, MCFL Federal PAC:

If you are a registered Democrat, it is important for you to vote next Tuesday in the Democratic Primary.  Yes, Michael Sullivan is the only pro-life candidate and he is a Republican, but there are still reasons for you to vote.

Many people point out that Stephen Lynch votes pro-life sometimes - most recently against sex-selection abortion.  These people plan to vote for Lynch because they consider him the lesser of two evils, the one who would do the least damage.

Other people say that Lynch and Ed Markey are both pro-abortion so there is no difference between them.  If you honestly believe that, then you should vote for other reasons.
As you know, our goal has always been to have all candidates be pro-life in every race.  Then we would vote on other issues.  This also applies in reverse.

Please consider these points seriously.  Do not forfeit your right to vote!

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