Friday, April 26, 2013

Are You Voting in the Republican U.S.Senate Primary Next Tuesday, April 30th?

Message from John Rowe, Chair, MCFL Federal PAC:

If you are registered as a Republican or Unenrolled ("Independent"), be sure to vote in next Tuesday's Republican Primary!

MCFL PAC has endorsed Michael Sullivan.  He is a genuine pro-lifer.  He takes a 100% pro-life position on tax-funding, partial birth abortion, parental consent, embryonic stem cell research, and conscience rights.

Sullivan's opponents, Dan Winslow (boasts of his pro-abortion position) and Gabriel Gomez ("I'm Catholic but won't change any abortion laws")  support the culture of death which kills 1.2 million babies every year.

It is so exciting to know we can send a pro-life Senator to Washington!

The turnout will be very low.  If you vote and make sure that three other people get to the polls to vote for Sullivan, you will guarantee his victory.

The babies are counting on you.


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