Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Suffolk Senate District Special Election Primary, April 30 - please spread the word

Urgent message from Madeline McComish, Chairman, MCFL State PAC

If you live in the First Suffolk Senate District (South Boston and Dorchester), this is very important.  If you don't live in the district, please forward to at least one person who does.

State Rep. Nick Collins (D) has been a pro-life leader in the Massachusetts House.  The MCFL State PAC has endorsed Nick because we need his leadership in the Senate.  Neither of the other candidates is pro-life.

It is vital that every pro-lifer in the district votes for Nick and brings at least three other people to vote for him.

We need to keep this district pro-life!

The Democratic Primary will decide the election. 
urnout will be quite low. 
If all the pro-lifers and their friends vote, Nick Collins will win.

The babies are counting on you!

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