Friday, April 19, 2013

THEY Are Trying to Blame Us for Gosnell!

In the midst of all that is going on around here, the Gosnell trial isn't getting the coverage it should.
Each day's testimony is worse.  The preferred method to kill the babies was to induce labor and make the mother sit on the toilet for hours until the baby was born.  Yesterday a former employee testified about a baby swimming in the toilet trying to get out.

The price list has been published for the Gosnell clinic and other clinics in the area.  His prices seem pretty comparable except, one would hope, the other clinics are not doing illegal abortions and then killing the babies who are born.

Earlier this week, the pro-abs held a nation-wide conference call with their leaders and the press.  They blamed pro-life efforts for places like Gosnell's.  The theory, which the media is picking up, is that, if we had not passed any protective laws, women would not be forced to go to a place like Gosnell's.  Then clean places could take care of killing almost full-term babies.

As you know, there are multiple more pregnancy resource centers across the country than there are abortion mills.  Looking at the list of beneficiary groups for the Walk to Aid Mothers and Children, it seems there are at least three times as many helping places in Massachusetts - staffed by volunteers, giving each woman whatever she needs to have her baby.  Often it is help for older children, help with the rent,...

You can support these woman and the pro-life volunteers who care for them.  Please go to and register to walk.  if you cannot walk, please pick a beneficiary or walker to sponsor, or simply make a donation.

For forty years we pro-lifers have been helping pregnant women and their children.
You can keep up your good work at the Walk!


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