Monday, April 8, 2013

Fwd: Three Pro-life Wins!

We will have two new pro-life Representatives in the Massachusetts House as a result of last week's two special elections.

Leah Cole (R), Peabody, replaces Joyce Spiliotis who called herself "pro-choice" but supported some of our legislation and opposed Question 2, Doctor-Prescribed Suicide.

Wayne Matewsky (D), Everett, replaces stridently pro-abortion,  Stephen "Stat" Smith. 

Congratulations to them both!

Last Friday, the Public Health Committee of the Connecticut House was scheduled to report out the Doctor-Prescribed Suicide bill.  It reported out every other bill it had considered, thus putting them on track for a vote of the full House.  The Chairman announced that the bill was too controversial because they had gotten so much pressure from citizens

The Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide and Second Thoughts worked with the people in Connecticut sharing what they had learned from the win on Question 2. 

The battle is continuing in Vermont where our people are amazing.  The bill has been filed in Maine and, in New Jersey, could come for a vote on the floor at any time.  Of course, it has been filed again in MA but, for the moment, we are ok.

Thank you for staying informed! 


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