Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walk to Aid Mothers and Children Was Delightful!

As Matt said, "God was with us at the Walk."  The weather was absolutely perfect and La Salette is really beautiful in the spring.  We had the nicest people:  Lloyd, who has 90th birthday coming up, Julia, the Walk baby whose smile sparkles, has her 2nd in a couple of days, Allison, whom I haven't seen since she was in college, was down from New Hampshire with her five adorable little ones, the first people to register who came all the way from Great Barrington, and, of course, many, many youth groups..  When I arrived at the Monument to the Unborn at the end of the Walk. the courtyard in front was chock full of strollers. Definitely our kind of Walk.

The Walk Committee: Helen and David Cross, June Newman, Elinor Rafferty, Connie and Cathleen Murphy, Madeline McComish, Ken Evans, Ed Boylan, Matt and Judy Hanafin, Dana Marrocco, and Janet Callahan did a marvelous job!  The people at La Salette were so gracious and accommodating!

The changes in date and venue had an impact.  The Walk was perfect in every way but it was one of our smaller Walks.  You know what, that is ok.  Much as we love to see each other, the main purpose of the Walk is to raise money for the beneficiary groups who help pregnant women, their children, and post-abortive women.
This year is different because we have the on-line sponsors and donors.  If you were not able to make the Walk, please go right away to www.respectlifewalk.org and click "Register."  You still may donate to a walker, team, or beneficiary or simply make a donation.  It is never too late to save a baby or a mother.

My thanks to all of you who have already walked and/or donated.  To everyone, else, please be part of this life-saving effort, www.respectlifewalk.org.  Register.

A mighty thanks to all! 


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