Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Buffer Zone - House Vote Tomorrow!


At the hearings last week, legislators said how proud they were to be behind a Planned Parenthood bill, almost all the people testifying in favor of the bill said they were on the staff of Planned Parenthood.  Only one person never mentioned that he had served on the Board of Planned Parenthood.  That was Governor Patrick.  Talk about the fix!

As you know, the Senate voted unanimously for the New Buffer Zone (now that it is a real bill, it is S 2283).

We just received word that the House will vote on it tomorrow.  Some of the pro-life legislators are going to try to get it amended - a noble endeavor which, if successful, will make the bill less bad.

If you have not called your representative, please do so with this message, "I am a constituent calling in opposition to S 2283.  The Supreme Court spoke about trying the current laws before passing new ones.  I encourage you to do that and to put off the vote until next session.  If you must vote now, please support the amendments which will be proposed."

To make the calls:
After you are on:, if you know the names of your State Rep, click onto "State Representatives" for his/her phone number.  If you do not know the name of your Representative, click onto "Look Up Your Legislator."

Calls or personal visits are the way to go - emails are easily ignored.

I am afraid the rest of the country will copy this New Buffer Zone, so what we do is very important!



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