Thursday, June 5, 2014

In the Footsteps of Paul

One of our favorite people is Dr. Paul Carpentier.  We have all sent young friends to him for ethical, loving help with conceiving and/or carrying a baby.  We have enjoyed Paul's amazing presentations - the most recent at our MCFL Convention in March where he explained the safety and efficiency of NaProTechnology compared to artificial "reproductive technology."  An example I remember was the $6.95 for a bottle of Vitamin B6 which can do the job better than the $100,000 for in vitro fertilization.  Paul made the point that insurance companies, who are looking at the practical - not the moral side, should be embracing NaProTechnology. 

Well, Paul has always been in the forefront.  He is about to make a move which is really cutting-edge but has such potential.  He is closing his practice and going to work with the insurance industry to educate them.  Even though his patients will miss him terribly, this will be an amazing move for patients across the board.  This is the healthy way to save money (no, I won't mention ___care).

​Paul says he may actually have a bit more time for speaking so I hope to have him at the MCFL Convention next winter with his latest data.

He also assures me that his fellow doctors: Mark Rollo in Fitchburg, John Worden in Gardner, and Nicole Varasteh in Concord, NH, can all provide the same treatment.  It is good to know where to send our young friends! 

Paul and Mark Rollo (whom we are fortunate to have on the MCFL Board) will present their work in London in July.  Lucky them and lucky us who will get to hear about it!

Godspeed, Paul!



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