Wednesday, June 11, 2014

16 Abortion Facilities Unlicensed in MA!

Mass. Citizens has learned that there are sixteen abortion facilities in Massachusetts that are not licensed!  Laura Hope Smith died at such a place.  It did not even have a working blood pressure cuff let alone other medical necessities!  This is a disgrace!  Mass. Citizens is working to change the law to require these facilities to be licensed and inspected.

We are collecting signatures in targeted State Representative districts to place a question on the November ballot so that our representatives will take action to regulate abortion facilities in the state.

Please read the explanation of what we are planning to do and why.  If you live in one of the targeted districts listed in the link, please be sure to attend the meeting in your district.
  If you have missed your meeting, please call Matt, 617-242-4199 ext. 221 to find out how you can still get involved. 

If you don't live in one of these districts but can go in to help collect signatures between now and July 4th, please call Matt also.

NB: the names of the representatives who represent the targeted districts are listed simply to help people identify the district because most of us know the name of our rep. but not the name of our district.

Please read this important link:


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