Friday, June 6, 2014

Euthanasia in Quebec! Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Proceeds in New Jersey.

The most awful thing has happened in Quebec!  The National Assembly voted overwhelmingly to allow doctors to kill patients by lethal injection.  The patient who requests to be killed must be "at the end of life" but there is no definition of the end of life.  The law is based on the Belgium model as you will see in this article.  Lethal injection for anyone who asks.

Yesterday, the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee of the New Jersey Assembly (House) heard testimony and voted to send their Doctor-Prescribed Suicide (DPS) bill to the floor - all in one day.  They did remove the option of putting it on the ballot and our lobbyists still think the bill will not pass so there is hope.

This DPS poll just came to my inbox - it is somehting we can do to help in NJ. The poll question is at the bottom of the page.



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