Sunday, June 8, 2014

Barth and Abbie are Local Heroes!

One definition of a hero is someone who does something I think I should do and haven't had the courage to do.

Barth Bracy is the Executive Director at Rhode Island Right to Life. I work with him at the Board of National Right to Life; his example inspired us to start the MCFL Summer Academy.

O-care has forced the cancellation of their private medical insurance for Barth, Abbie, and their five children.  That forces them onto the O-care exchange, which forces them to fund abortion through the required surcharge.

The Bracys have filed a lawsuit in federal court over the abortion surcharge, claiming the lack of transparency about abortion coverage in the exchange, coupled with the mandatory abortion surcharge, is trampling on the family's conscience rights.  They are being represented by our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom.

Many people are in the same boat but don't have the know-how or courage.  Thanks to Barth and Abbie for standing up for all those people.

I noticed yesterday that our Choose Life License plates are not only the most attractive of all the special plates, they are the easiest to recognize from a distance!  That means more people see your plates every time you drive, park somewhere, etc.  You don't have your plates on yet?  Get thee to your local  RMV!

Time is getting short to get your sponsors for the Walk! 


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