Monday, April 25, 2011

You can shut down Maria Talks!



Linda Thayer is a hero!  She is responsible for informing the public about Maria Talks.  Linda discovered the web site and discussed it at the MCFL Youth Conference on April 9th.  One of the students said there was a poster for it in the nurse's office at his school. 

Linda was devastated!  This school year she has spoken to 10,000 students - her busiest year ever.  She will finish the year in North Adams next Sunday.  She works so hard to guide students to make proper decisions and here is this web site telling minor girls how to get abortions without their parents' knowing and claiming abortions are very common and easy. 

When we looked into the site, we discovered that Maria is Jorge from the Aids Action Committee who runs the site with $100,000 of state (taxpayer) money.  We took our information to the Boston Herald which found we had just scratched the surface here and here.

The story has been covered by Fox National News, the Drudge Report and Glen Beck among other outlets.


Obviously, the site must be shut down, defunded, and an investigation must be mounted to find out what other state funds are going to these kinds of projects.  Last Thursday MCFL sent a letter to the governor, outlining these requests.  Please read the letter.   Then call Governor Patrick to demand he comply by shutting down the site immediately and then investigating and defunding:  888.870.7770

Marc Lombardo and other State Representatives are planning to take legislative action.  Please call your State Rep. and State Sen. with the same demands that you have for the Governor.  Look up the phone number of your representative or senator.

If you do not know the name of your legislators, I am sorry to say the state web site has not updated since last falls' election.  You may call the Mass Citizens office to ask, 617-242-4199.

Many legislators who are not pro-life are in favor of the MA Parental Consent Law and object to using tax money to destroy families.  So we need to contact all legislators.  If you wish to know where your legislators stand on the life issues, check here.

I know you are upset as I about your money being used to entice young girls into sexual activity and then coaching them on how to obtain abortions without their parents' knowing.  Please call today. 

Thank you,  Anne

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