Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Successful Student Lobby Day and MCFL testimony


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Today was MCFL Student Lobby Day at the State House.  The students were most fortunate to have Reps Elizabeth Poirier, 14th Bristol District, and James Lyons, 18th Essex District, address them about the importance of their being active and about our legislation. 

Our Legislative Director, Eva Murphy explained the bills to the students and gave them talking points.  Maria Jose Alarcon checked them in and gave them the information for their legislators.

Then I took them on an historical and architectural tour of the State House, which was so much fun for me.  Eva introduced them to what insiders know about the State House Library, they had lunch, and visited their legislators.

Eva, Maria, and I all had a wonderful time.  We were impressed with the commitment of the young people.  We are looking forward to feedback from them and are already planning the SLD for next year. 

We are most grateful to Betty Poirier and Jim Lyons for their presence and wonderful presentations! 

We thank all the students who came and encourage them to stay active.

Rep. Jim Lyons speaks with early arrivals.
Rep. Jim Lyons speaks with early arrivals.


Eva and I have testified about a Memorial for Ambassador Flynn, embryonic stem cell research, and two initiative petition bills.  You may read the brief testimonies. 

We know that our fetal pain bill, H3295 will have hearings in the Public Health Committee on May 10th.  We will need you to testify.  Please mark your calendar.

I let you know as soon as we have other hearing dates.   Please keep an eye out.  Thanks, Anne





For more information about the Pro-Life cause in Massachusetts or to get involved  
 please visit our website at massprolife.com.

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