Thursday, April 21, 2011



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The controversy stirred up yesterday by "Maria Talks" pro-abortion website which attempts to entice teens into making a decision they will regret for the rest of their lives continued today.  We must not rest until this state-funded pro-death propaganda is taken down!


CLICK HERE to see a follow up article by some of the same authors as the yesterday's Herald piece.


CLICK HERE to see a piece in the Herald by columnist and local radio host Michael Graham.  Like us, he thinks that, at the very least, we shouldn't be forced to pay for this filth. 


Linda Thayer, MCFL's Vice-President of Educational Affairs appeared on Fox News yesterday to discuss the issue with a national audience (CLICK HERE to see) and Bea Martins, Chair of the MCFL Greater Fall River Chapter was featured on a local broadcast seen in Massachusetts and Rhode Island (CLICK HERE to see).


We need to keep hitting this issue hard to show the pro-abortion forces in this state that we will not allow their misdeeds to pass unnoticed.  Keep up the pressure!-Anne






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