Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vote to de-fund PP this Thursday - call Sen. Brown


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House Speaker John Boehner forced Harry Reid to schedule the Planned Parenthood de-funding vote for this Thursday.  What a victory for Boehner!  What a victory for pro-life people across the country!  Reid was willing to close down the government rather than have this vote.

The House has already approved the Pence Amendment to remove all Title X funds from PP.

When you call Sen. Brown, take your pick of PP scandals: not reporting rape, enabling prostitution, exploitation of minors, hundreds of millions of tax monies unaccounted for.  Or you might mention something that came out a couple of years ago - PP was selling inferior condoms (since their business is abortion, what a profitable move).  PP should be labeled like a pack of cigarettes.

Take your pick and call Sen. Brown today, (202) 224-4543.  Then please think of three other people you know who understand the evil of PP and make sure they call also.  This is such an opportunity!

You are doing wonderful work!  Thank you, Anne









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