Monday, April 25, 2011

MCFL State PAC Endorses James Dixon and Peter Durant in Special State Rep. Election, May 10, 2011.




Madeline McComish, Chairman of the MCFL State PAC has announced PAC endorsements for the State Representative special election on May 10,2011: James Dixon, 10th Middlesex,  and Peter Durant for, 6th Worcester.

"Jim Dixon is a dedicated defender of Life who has worked for many years to save babies from abortion." said McComish.  "He has served as Chapter Chairman of the Waltham Chapter of MCFL and has served on the Board of Directors of Massachusetts Citizens For Life."

"Peter Durant is another dedicated defender of Life." said McComish. "His opponent supports a pro-abortion agenda."

The 6th Worcester, where Durant is running against a pro-abortion incumbent, consists of Charlton, Southbridge, East Brookfield and portions of Oxford and Spencer.

Dixon is running for an open seat against a pro-abortion candidate.  The 10th Middlesex consists of precincts 1 and 4 of ward 1, and precinct 4 of ward 3, of the city of Newton, all precincts of wards 5 and 6, precinct 2 of ward 7, and all precincts of wards 8 and 9, of the city of Waltham, and precinct 10, of the town of Watertown.

 McComish concludes, "As State Representatives, Jim Dixon and Peter Durant will support a 100% Pro-life agenda. We need PRO-LIFE Representatives at the State House. Jim Dixon and Peter Durant need your vote in the special election on Tuesday, May 10, 2011."

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