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The Obamacare Abortion Lie Is Up

Friday, July 16, 2010, National Review Online

The Obamacare Abortion Lie Is Up   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Douglas Johnson from the National Right to Life Committee points out this afternoon that the federally funded Maryland high-risk pool was going to use federal funds for abortion coverage in their new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), too. Just like in Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

(National Right to Life Committee has looked through five states' documentation, and an abortion-funding siren has gone off in three of them.)

After NRLC, NR, the House Republican leader, and others highlighted this from the Pennsylvania and New Mexico plans this week, the Department of Health and Human Services finally issued a release yesterday assuring that they will, in fact, issue guidelines forbidding abortion coverage in the Obamacare federally funded PCIP state programs.

And today, the National Women's Law Center, among others, are upset with the administration for saying they'll do such a thing.

Which means the lie is up: Obamcare never prohibited abortion funding. It's a matter of administrative discretion.

The Obama administration and other Democrats have been hawking the myths that
a) there is some kind of global Hyde amendment that forbids all federally funded abortions and b) the executive order solves all problems.

If a and b were true, how were any state plans approved that were covering abortions?

The truth of the matter is that news today that Maryland was planning on funding abortions in their high-risk pool is but the tip of the iceberg. Don't be surprised if another story drops. And if it's not a high-risk pool. And the administration will have to provide a new myth or actually act as HHS is saying it plans to to prohibit that which is not currently prohibited.

But don't expect them to admit they've been lying to us all this time.

From MCFL:
States are attempting to sneak in abortion any way they can and we have to stop it piecemeal.  We need a law!
Congressman Joe Pitts (R, Pa) and Dan Lipinski (D, Ill) have filed HR5111, "Protect Life Act", which would amend Obamacare to restrict the several different ways in which the measure funds abortions.  HR 5111 restores the Stupak language to ObamaCare.  There are 115 co-sponsors.

So far no Massachusetts Congressmen have co-sponsored the bill.  Certainly Congressmen Lynch and Neal, who voted for original language in Stupak, are logical co-sponsors.
Please call your own Congressman urging him or her to co-sponsor HR 5111, the Protect Life Act.  Then please contact someone you know who lives in the Lynch or Neal district and make sure that person calls also.
John W. Olver (D-01), 202-225-5335
Richard E. Neal (D-02), 202-225-5601
James P. McGovern (D-03), 202-225-6101
Barney Frank (D-04), 202-225-5931
Niki Tsongas (D-05), Phone: (202)225-3411
John F. Tierney (D-06), 202-225-8020
Edward J. Markey (D-07, 202-225-2836
Michael Capuano (D-08), 202-225-5111
Stephen F. Lynch (D-09), 202-225-8273
William D. Delahunt (D-10), 202-225-3111

You know how important this is!  Thank you, Anne 

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