Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Bad Medicine: A Guide to the Real Costs and Consequences..." and Obamacare approves first tax-funded abortions

Bad MedicineNational Review Online interviews the author of a new Cato Institute report on Obamacare.  The financial implications for seniors, workers, people who are unemployed, and young people is even worse than we thought.  The report concludes that repeal of Obamacare is the only thing which will save medical care in this country.  The author expresses concern about the will of Republicans in Congress to repeal.

The Obama Administration has just allocated $160 million tax dollars for insurance plans in Pennsylvania that cover any legal abortion.

If you are not already working on your Repeal Obamacare Petitions, please go to to print out the petition.  You will also see an example of the "push" card.  We have thousands of these informative cards for you to hand out which we'll be glad to send to you. Please let us know how many you want and where to send them.  Email <> or call the MCFL office (617-242-4199) for your cards. 

As you fill petitions, please return them to the MCFL office, 529 Main Street, Charlestown, 02129.  You can put one stamp on an envelope that has five petitions in it. So fill five and then five more... 

We must get tens of thousand of people to sign the MCFL Repeal Obamacare Petitions!  We must put backbone into Congress.  If we don't, each of us will have no access to quality health care by 2014 and people will die in droves! 

I am ready to send you petitions and cards!  Thanks, Anne
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