Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MCFL State PAC Endorses Tim Cahill for Governor

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MCFL State PAC Endorses Tim Cahill for Governor

Boston- Madeline McComish, Chairman of MCFL State Political Action Committee, today announced that the MCFL State PAC has endorsed State Treasurer, Tim Cahill, for Governor in the November election.

Tim Cahill will be an outstanding advocate for the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly.  He will bring commonsense solutions to protecting their rights and their lives.  Cahill holds pro-life positions on all aspects of the issue, from abortion funding to informed consent, to partial birth abortion and parental consent. Very important also is his opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide which is currently being proposed in the state legislature, according to McComish.

She added, Currently pro-life people across the state are collecting signatures to repeal Obamacare.  They welcome Tim Cahills pledge to opt out of the abortion funding in Obamacare.  People remember that Cahill was the first to point out that Romneycare in Massachusetts will go bankrupt in four years, thus subjecting everyone in the state to rationing and denial of care.  The other gubernatorial candidates have publicly stated their support for the pro-choiceposition.  In other words, they support abortion and take anti-life positions on the other life issues."

MCFL State PAC is in the process of contacting pro-life people across the state and will mobilize more than 100,000 activists in Massachusetts in support of Cahill.  For more information about MCFL State PAC, please visit, http://MCFLStatePAC.intuitwebsites.com


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  1. You do know that Tim Cahill is Pro Choice right?

  2. Ummmm, Tim Cahill is prochoice.

  3. I am disappointed that MCFL is supporting a Democrat that will say anything. On May 25th, Tim supported abortion, private and federally funded. Now he doesn't. Umm, methinks if he is elected, he will change again. I'm supporting the party that traditionally has been pro-life and can be elected. Tim is just a Democratic party shill to split the vote and retain Deval.

  4. MassConservative617July 22, 2010 at 12:16 PM

    Tim Cahill's running mate Paul Loscocco is the only candidate running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor who is pro-life.

    Charlie Baker's running mate, Richard Tisei, is a socially liberal activist who is 100% NARAL rated.

    The endorsement is entirely appropriate.

  5. I this is great news! Tim Cahill and Paul Loscocco are the true conservatives in this race.

    Charlie Baker and the rest of the Republican Party have taken my support for granted for too long.

  6. Cahill and Loscocco are the only candidates who oppose federal funding for abortion, partial-birth abortion and who advocate for programs to try to cut down on the number of abortions. Loscocco is pro-life and Cahill has never supported privately or government funded abortion. To say anything different is a purely and simply a lie.

    Charlie Baker is vocally pro-choice and where he hasn't given the specifics of that view yet, he speaks through his running mate Richard Tisei, who is one of the most vocal supporters of pro-abortion legislation and government funding for abortions. Richard Tisei also supports a buffer zone between abortion clinics and those who protest the practice of abortion.


    Charlie Baker is running "to the left of Obama on social issues" (his own words). This should have conservatives and Republicans running scared.

  7. Tim Cahil supports Roe vs Wade. He supported Roe vs Wade on his web site. He later changed his web site to capture the conservative vote. He's a politician and will say anything to get the vote. He is not prolife. Everyone knows that except for Mass Citizens for Life. Cahills supports same sex marriage too.

    MCFL's questionairre means nothing to these politicians!

  8. Tim Cahill still supports "a women's choice". He's placing restrictions which is good but he's still Roe vs Wade. He supports same-sex marriage too. He is the "lessor evil" but does that mean we can trust him? I don't know?