Friday, March 28, 2014

The Mayflower Compact

Today, some of the members of the Pro Life Club at Bishop Stang High School in Dartmouth came to the State House for their Student Lobby Day.  They are delightful, knowledgeable young people.  Eva and John and I had a grand time introducing them to legislation and to the State House. 

In the Hall of Flags, I was able to point out especially the mural of the signing of the Mayflower Compact.  It was a great way to tell them that today is the day the HHS Mandate cases are being heard by the Supreme Court.  Our amicus brief deals especially with the tradition of religious freedom, beginning with the Compact, established in the Colonies.  Talk about civics in action!  We are so grateful to Dwight Duncan and the law students who worked with him on the brief.

We still have dates open between now and the end of May for school or homeschool groups to have Student Lobby Days.  We'd love to have your students come.


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