Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2 Down, 1 to Gooooooo

Besides H - 1998, Doctor-Prescribed Suicide going to study committee yesterday, HB - 2092 also went to study.  This was the perennial bill to lower the age of consent for abortion to 16.  We testified, let the legislators know the position of MCFL, and posted our position.  We didn't feel it was necessary to take your time to do more than that because the legislators remember that Shannon O'Brien handed Mitt Romney the Governorship when she announced she favored lowering the age.

You won't believe what is happening with H - 3793, the teach-children-how-to-get-an-abortion-without-their-parents- knowing-bill.  Because it has already been to the floor (remember, it was set to be voted on Jan 15th until we pushed it back into the Ways and Means Committee), it does not have to be reported out today.  The committee actually has until the end of the session (probably July 31st) to decide what to do with the bill.  We'll have to be sure they know we haven't forgotten about it.

Again, thank you, thank you for all you do!


P.S. If we are going to keep succeeding, we must be informed and motivated.  Please come to the MCFL Convention on March 29th at Assumption College in Worcester.  You can get details and register here.

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