Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kudos to the Massachusetts Republican State Committee and the Coalition for Marriage and Family!

NB - there is an action item at the end of this email - thanks, Anne

Congratulations to the Republican State Committee for their courageous defense of life!

On Tuesday night, the Committee adopted a pro-life platform, saying the party will "affirm the inherent dignity of human life."  "We believe that every instance of abortion is tragic," the platform reads. "We advocate policies that will assist a woman during a crisis pregnancy."

Not only is this the right decision, it is the pragmatic decision.  Looking at the elections in the last few cycles, it is obvious that pro-life Republicans have been winning their races while those who take  pro-abortion positions have been losing - across the board.

The Coalition for Marriage and Family had scheduled a lobby day at the State House yesterday.  At the last minute we all learned that the death lobby (Compassion and Choices) also planned to be at the State House yesterday.  The press, of course, gave them a lot of coverage, saying there were "two dozen" people and that they are spending a lot of money on ads and calls.  Pro-family people were right there to counter the falsehoods of the death lobby.

H - 1998 goes farther than any prior wording.  A person can request the lethal dose and take it all on the same day and doctors are forced to participate no matter what their position.
  C&C had the nerve to claim this is popular in the state!

So far, those of you who are constituents of members of the Joint Committee on Public Health have been calling your legislators.  You have done a great job and really impressed the committee.  It is very unusual for us to call legislators who are not our own but now is the time for every one of us to call the committee chairs to urge them not to report out H-1998.  It is bad public policy

House Chair,  Jeffrey Sanchez, 671-722-2130
Senate Chair, John Keenan, 617-722-1494

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