Saturday, March 29, 2014

Compassion and Choices: What Did They Get for Their Big $$ in New England?

I just received word that Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) reports having spent $190k on lobbying and more than $65k on ads just in Connecticut.  What has happened in CT?  There were hearings on March 19th.  There was good testimony.  The pro-life people made hundreds of phone calls.

According to the CT Mirror, "The campaign for passage of an aid-in-dying law in Connecticut in 2014 ended Tuesday with a concession that the bill does not have the support in the legislature's Public Health Committee to reach the House floor."

​The New Hampshire Union Leader reported, March 6, 2014,  "The House Thursday soundly rejected legislation that would have allowed a terminally ill patient to seek a lethal prescription from cooperating physicians.  The [New Hampshire] vote against the bill was 219-66.

In Maine recently the bill was killed in committee.

As you know, the bill barely passed in Vermont after years of an underfunded but savvy fight on our side.  It is working so poorly - not working at all - that there is a good chance our people can overturn.

Pro-lifers are gearing up in Rhode Island but nothing has developed yet.

And, of course, in Massachusetts the bill died in committee last week - thanks to you !!!

C&C deals strictly with suicide/euthanasia.  They spent a quarter of a million dollars just in Connecticut. Their death lobby allies attack life at other stages.  We deal with life from conception to natural death.  We work so much harder than the death lobby because we do not have their money and our cause is just. 

Please consider a sacrificial gift to Mass. Citizens.  We must ramp up our efforts or the constant, big money assault of the death lobby will begin to win.  Once they get suicide/euthanasia in place, they will be able to kill more people at the end of life than they do now through abortion.

I can always  count on you to call, write, and educate your friends - that is why we succeed.  I know I can count on you also for much-needed financial support.

Thank you for whatever you can do! 

Bless you,


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