Friday, March 28, 2014

DPS: A Secret Weapon and Tomorrow's Convention

The Public Health Committee normally has 17 members.  Katherine Clark was elected to Congress and has not yet been replaced so we were able to hold back the doctor-prescribed suicide bill with our eight votes.

Carl Sciortino, another member of the committee, has announced he will not run again for the House.  That leaves another opening.  Next January, when the legislature convenes, the Public Health Committee will again have doctor-prescribed suicide before it.  They will have replaced the two missing members and, possibly made some other changes.  At that point our eight votes will not be enough!

We do have an ace in the hole.  We have about 40 weeks, 280 days to pray about the make-up of the committee.  Please keep the committee constantly in your prayers during that time.  Bless you!

Earlier in the week, when we had to tell Assumption how many lunches we would need for the Convention, registrations were pouring in, so we over-ordered.  That means that you can register today and still get lunch.  You can register online here or call 617-242-4199.

I am looking forward to hearing our wonderful speakers and our Oratory Contest winner!


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