Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urgent Request from National Right to Life

As you know, the Texas State Legislature continues to battle to pass a pro-life bill to ban abortion after the unborn child is capable of feeling pain. 
After recent events with the Wendy Davis filibuster, we need to make sure that pro-lifers are well represented in this battle.  National Right to Life has sent 5 people from our office to help in Austin.  People from across the nation have traveled to Austin to #stand4life!  
The pro-aborts are creating a heavy presence in social media and we need to top that.  Just as the media reports on the number of bodies representing each side, they will use social media traffic to guage the relative strength of each side. 
This is where your help is needed, even if you are not in or from Texas. 
Tomorrow, at 10 am; 12 noon; 2 pm and 4 pm (all Eastern Daylight Time) we need you to get on Twitter and participate in a Twitter Bomb in support of HB2, the Texas Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Please put the following hashtag into all of your tweets  --  #stand4life 
If you notice that there are particular trending hashtags relating to this issue, use that in addition to #stand4life.  We are asking each of you to prepare and tweet 10 tweets during each of the time slots above, with all ten being as close to the 'top of the hour' as possible.  This will give us the most standing.
Feel free to "Retweet" what other pro-lifers are saying as well.  You can remodify your tweets so that you don't have to start from scratch each time and there are suggestions below to help you get started.  Similar to doing various media interviews, you have the same message, just packaged slightly different.  You should also retweet NRLC, Texas Right to Life, and other tweets on this topic that you feel make a good point.  Remember a Tweet is limited to 140 characters. 
You can use this as an opportunity to not only support Texas Right to Life and unborn children, but for your own educational purposes as well.  This is a very important request and I hope you will not only plan to do it yourself, but also forward to all of your pro-life lists. 
If you do not have a Twitter Account, it is very easy and fast to create one.  Go to www.twitter.com  and follow the very simple instructions and you will be all set. 
If you have questions or need help, please email or call Jonathan Rogers at  469-417-8905 or 202-626-8809 or email Jonathan@nrlc.org 
Suggested topics:
Stand with pro-life Texans  (encourage Texans to take action and add their voice to the mix, announce solidarity with them, etc.)
They feel pain (common-sense nature of the legislation, science behind unborn pain, late-term abortions, D/E procedures, etc.)
Commonsense clinic regulations (prevent another Gosnell, the same as other Ambulatory Surgical Centers, etc.)
Protecting both women and unborn babies
Support the Texas Legislature!  (Thank Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, etc.)
Call out pro-abortion bullies (the "Hail Satan" chanting, foul language, the original mob that derailed the Senate, etc.)
Polling (62% of Texans support prohibiting abortions when the baby is capable of feeling pain, good to push back against the ridiculous majority rhetoric the pro-aborts are trying to claim)
PS ~ You can also assist by going on Facebook and sharing posts by NRLC and Texas Right to Life. 

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