Saturday, July 6, 2013


At "Get Real" the MCFL Convention, Mary Girard of Pregnancy Help spoke about helping women who are abortion-minded.  She spoke about the importance of the attitude of the woman's mother.  She spoke about the trust the woman needs to have in someone.  She spoke about abandonment of these women - a major theme.  Her presentation was extremely moving, as were all of the presentations in the morning.  We'll have the videos on the web site shortly.

After the Convention, I saw that the words "abortion" and "abandonment" are virtually the same when signed.

Now the National Right to Life News has published the following letter by a 20-year-old to a half sibling.  This young writer talks of abandonment in thinking of the baby.  This letter is another "get real" moment, showing what we know - that aborted babies have brothers and sisters who are deeply affected.

If you do the math as you read, you will see the 15-year-old girl was impregnated by a 23-year-old predator - just what we have been telling the press when they call about selling Plan B to girls of any age and to legislators when they want to lower the age of consent for abortion -  just abortion, no other procedure.

If you have not read this letter, please take a moment.  The hurt abortion has caused is limitless! 


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