Wednesday, July 17, 2013


There is so much going on!  Here are some of the current items of pro-life importance. 


Some people have asked about status of Buffer Zone at SCOTUS.  They will hear arguments late fall, early winter.  There will be publicity for a day or two and then quiet until decision comes down sometime before end of June, 2014.

The Rhode Island legislature voted to have Choose Life license plates.  The fact that we have them helped to convince legislators.  Governor vetoed.

Aren't you glad politicians could not get in the way of our plates as long as the Choose Life Foundation and the Nordeens did the work?  If you don't have your plate, please go to your local Registry right away!

We haven't talked about O-care recently.  Every dire prediction we made is coming through in spades.  There is no joy in being right because people already are suffering and it will get much worse.  The Heritage Foundation has a dozen implementation failures of O-care,

O-care death panels seem to be based on the Liverpool Care Pathways.  They are working with such cruelty to patients that they are being phased out,

Great success with state legislatures in 2013,

The best news of all,

And, duh!  The New York times says abortion is not like other issues,

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