Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Academy and Gabriella, Andrew and ...

The baby being born in London is marvelous and special, just like every other baby.  Last week, my friends Pat and Jeff welcomed Andrew, their first grandchild.  The week before, friends Leigh and Bill welcomed their umteenth grandchild, Gabriella, whose mother was one of the best Teens for Life speakers we have ever had.  Nobody could be happier.  The world claims to be pro-abortion but it is the truth that most people do love babies.

Last decade's babies are this years teens.  We have a darling crowd at the Summer Academy in West Warren.  So far they have heard about fetal development, the Roe v Wade decision, current MA legislation, and the intentional misuse of language. 

This week, Cori Connor Morse will share her post abortion story as she did at Faneuil Hall and Pam Hibbard, Director of Bethlehem House, will tell them about her baby-saving work.   We are so grateful to all the people who help with the Academy!

We love them both!


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