Monday, July 8, 2013

State House Tomorrow: Your Testimony in Person or by Email

Testimony on Laura's Law, Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Sex Selection Abortion Ban, and unborn baby as second victim will be heard TOMORROW, July 9th in Room A-1 at 1:00 pm.  These are our most important bills, ones that should be acceptable to all. Information about the bills is listed below.

1)  Please plan to attend, testify, and leave a copy of your testimony.

2)  If you know you will not be able to attend, please send you testimony (email is best) to the Chairs
      asking them to distribute.
     House Chair, Gene.O'
     Senate Chair,

3)  If you live in the district of any of the committee members please contact him or her.
     Senate Members:  William Brownsberger,  Gale Candaras, Patricia Jehlen, John Keenan, Richard Ross  Further contact info for Senators,
     House Members: Christopher Markey, Colleen Garry, Kevin Murphy, Bruce Ayers, Sean Curran, Carlos Henriquez, Claire Cronin, Jeffrey Roy, Daniel Winslow, Sheila Harrington.  Further contact info for Representatives,

Hope to see you tomorrow



The Woman's Right to Know Act–Bill Number: H1565
Primary Sponsor: Rep. Elizabeth A. Poirier
"An Act relative to a woman's right to know."
The bill would offer women more complete information about abortion and fetal development. A women seeking abortions would also be given a chance to see a sonogram of her child. A 24 hour waiting period would be imposed

The Massachusetts Sex-Selected Abortion Ban–Bill Number: H1567
Primary Sponsor: Rep. Elizabeth A. Porier
"An Act relative to sex selection in Pregnancy."
This bill would ban abortions for the purposes of selecting the sex of a child.

The Massachusetts Partial Birth Abortion Ban–Bill Number: H1452
Primary Sponsors: Rep. Kevin J. Kuros and Rep. Elizabeth A. Poirier
"An Act banning partial birth abortions."
This bill would impose a state ban to compliment the Federal Ban on partial birth abortions. It would allow for more complete enforcement.

Massachusetts Second Victim Act–Bill Number: H1404
Primary Sponsor: Rep. Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
"An Act relative to fetal homicide."
This bill would alter the General Law to ensure that unborn children killed in the commission of a murder are legally treated as a second victim of the crime.

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