Monday, October 3, 2011

Walk A Rousing Success



When there are large numbers of families, young people with their friends, old faithful pro-lifers, amazing musicians, and inspiring speakers  all gathered together to help the groups who help women and children, there is a highly successful Walk to Aid Mothers and Children.  Yesterday was one of the best!


I want to thank the committee, Helen Cross, Nicholi McLaughlin, Connie and Cathleen Murphy, Elinor Rafferty, June Newman, Steve Fielding, and Ed Long and all his South Boston helpers.


Led by the master, Master of Ceremonies, Edward F. King, the speakers were wonderful!  Sincerest thanks to Cardinal Sean, Marianne Luthin, David Franks, and Sean Harrington.  And, of course, Charlie, the Walk Baby came.  He is the hit of the show where ever he goes.


Lift Ministries is an extremely talented group of young musicians.  It was such a pleasure to be welcomed by their joyful music as I came across the Common.  The singing of the students from Immaculate Heart of Mary, Still River, was delightful.   


We were very fortunate to have Jane Cogliano arrange for public service announcements last week on  96.9 WTKK.

Most of all, hugest thanks to every one of you who walked or sponsored a walker.  After all, support for the helping organizations is the goal.


Yes, you say, but I want to see the pictures.  So do I and I'll send them along as soon as they are ready.


Again, thanks to everybody who made it a great day for life!  Anne



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