Monday, October 17, 2011

Another way PAS/DPD is like legalized abortion


The push to legalize PAS/DPD  uses the same rationale that was used to legalize abortion: the person will be inconvenient, expensive, not have a good "quality of life", etc.  We have even found in Oregon that legalizing Doctor Prescribed Death has increased the number of suicides overall just as Roe v Wade increased the number of abortions.  Suddenly suicide is legal and accepted.


There is another similarity.  Even though we work as hard as we can to educate people on the evils of abortion and do whatever we can to keep women from having abortions, we do not condemn the woman who has an abortion and we do not cease to love her.  This is the same with suicide - we work as hard as we can to prevent suicide but do not cease to love the person involved.


We are receiving reports that the PAS/DPD signature drive is fully underway east of Worcester.   Expect them west of Worcester by next week.  People say the employees gathering the signatures make it sound so nice that it is hard to remember what they are talking about.  Please alert everyone.  Of course, if you have the time to engage them in conversation, many potential signers will be missed during that time.  Thanks,  Anne








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