Tuesday, October 11, 2011

U.S. House takes up Protect Life Act on Oct. 13 - act now!



In spite of the rhetoric, we know O-care contains a lot of abortion coverage and funding. On Thursday, Oct 13th, the House will vote on the Protect Life Act which will correct many of the abortion problems with O-care. Since the Democrats insisted on the abortion expansion in the final bill, you may think, at forst, it is a waste to call our MA. Congressmen.


Here is what I propose:

For those of you who live in the districts of Congressmen Neal (202-225-5601) or Lynch (202-225-8273), please call and remind them that this Act is essentially the same as the Stupak Amendment which they supported. You can find more info at  http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org/news/


For you in the other districts, here is a really simple way to leave word, knowing that your Congressman will most likely ignore your wishes, but knowing that you must do something. Go to http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org/news/ and press "click here" at the end of the article.


It is very important for us to keep up the pressure. We are their constituents and the only ones who can save the babies. Please act on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks, Anne





For more information about the Pro-Life cause in Massachusetts or to get involved  
 please visit our website at massprolife.com.

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